R. KELLY: Music Ruins Cruise for Clergy Members

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:I don’t care how many copies “Ignition (Remix)” sold back in the day, it’s time to move on.A good DJ is capable of reading the crowd. So what was the situation here -- was the rest of the cruise deck feeling it? Or could this person just not take a hint?Hey, if they were in international waters, anything goes. It’s a bad idea to troll people on cruise, considering you have to spend the next week with them in close quarters. While Carnival hasn’t acknowledged any wrongdoing, they apparently removed the DJ from his post five days into the eight-day trip.You know it's bad when the outrage around Kells has spread overseas.Talk about being too sensitive. If you don't like a song or two, go to the bar and get a drink or go walk around the ship and get some fresh air and come back in five minutes. 

Reverend Teri Peterson was looking forward to a week with ministers and community leaders on the Carnival Magic liner, leaving from Miami. But the faith leader says she was deeply offended when the ship’s DJ continued to play R. Kelly’s musical throughout the ship. Peterson says she let him know about her issue, considering Kells’ sex scandals and “everything surrounding the singer.” But apparently the DJ actually doubled down by singing and dancing along with the music and mocking those offended.

The women left the club, only to find the same man mocking them later in a different part of the ship. When they complained to guest services about the disrespectful behavior, security was called on them. 

After five days of attempts to resolve the issue, including sit-down meetings, all Carnival offered was a $100 onboard credit. A spokesperson downplayed the incident, saying, “A small group of guests…took issue with two songs that our DJ was playing in a nightclub well after midnight… While we only play radio versions of popular music that have been sanitized so that offensive language has been removed, we do not make a habit of banning music as we have a broad cross-section of guests.” (Great Neck Telegraph)



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