Kendall Jenner is Getting Dragged for Rocking a "Fro" in Vogue Shoot!

Now, I know that this is technically not Kendall Jenner's fault. She is just the model that is doing what Vogue Mag has asked of her. You know that doesn't matter to the internet! She still got dragged for this photoshoot, as well as Vogue. They teased Kendall's hair to make her look black or ethnic or something. Unfortunately, it didn't work! Kendall is getting roasted online for this wannabe fro that is called her hair. The million dollar question on everyone's mind...Why not just hire a black/ethnic model that has an actual fro????

Check out some of the comments that were left below:

mz _jaquee: LOL!!! This is not an afro. LOL! Vouge must have been having a slow day. My afro looks nothing like this pile of straw waiting on a bird to lay eggs. We really have to stop feeding into the BS.

@.tefelo: Why didn’t you get someone with an actual afro and freckles to model for you instead? And you try this all the time

@fedmeziei: mean for the record i wouldnt consider this an afro it doesnt look that good to be considered and afro.. it looks more like a Liza Mineli get up

@lanaolmer: Both her Afro and lip injections are distracting, but only the former is in truly poor taste.

@nastashawhitton: They try so hard to make this girl look unique. She’s not unique looking at all

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