Did Diddy Really Leave Casssie for a Younger 26-Year Old Model???

I can't believe this is real, but it looks like Diddy and Cassie are a wrap! They have been together for 11 years. Even though we all know that Diddy has done his dirt from time-to-time, Cassie always turned a blind eye to it. Even though they fought and there were previous rumors about their demise, it was never true. She never wavered, BUT ... all that has come to an end. According to early reports, Diddy has already moved on with younger 26-year old model, Jocelyn Chew. Diddy definitely has a type!

Not all of the might be true apparently. According to a source close to the Diddy and Cassie, it is true...they have split, but it was amicable. They are still very supportive of each other. Cassie plans to use her newfound singleness to focus on her music and acting. Hmmm...does anyone really want to hear new music from Cassie? I'm just saying. 

As far as Diddy goes, he is NOT with Jocelyn Chew. He is single. Mmmm hmmm...is he just single for the media but not behind closed doors? Hmmm...I'm just saying!

Check out the young model that has caused all this commotion below:

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