K. Michelle Went in on Amber Rose for Her Bill Cosby Death Comments!

In case you have been living under a rock. Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison. A lot of people had their opinions. Some agreed with the outcome, some didn't. One person that took it to the extreme was Amber Rose. She basically wished death on Bill Cosby. 

She posted a picture that has since been deleted that read, “So if your momma came to you and said “this guy raped me 36 years ago’ would you be asking for proof?“ The caption below it was even worse. It read, "No you wouldn’t. So stfu. Everyone said ‘Awwww poor Bill Cosby, he’s gonna die in the first 2 years of his sentence’ But I said ‘I hope he serves the full 10 years then dies’ I’m wrong and wishing death on him? FOH Stand up for a Rapist if y’all want to. I said what the f*** I said PS the only reason s*** was deleted on the last Bill Cosby post is cuz you can’t put our “pres” name and “die” in the same caption or FB will f*** ur algorithm up and I’ll be d***** if I let two sexual predators f*** with my money.”

That definitely did not sit well with K. Michelle. K went ALL THE WAY in on Amber Rose.

Who are you riding with???

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