Could Birdman Be Responsible for Lil Wayne's Tour Bus Getting Shot Up?!

You may remember...back in 2015, when Lil Wayne's tour bus got shot up. A man names Jimmy Winfrey was locked up for the incident. Well, some potentially damning evidence has surfaced that could point the blame at Birdman. A phone call between Birdman and Jimmy has made its way online, and they are discussing exchanging money. Definitely not a good look...especially considering not only were Birdman and Young Thug being investigated but also, Lil Wayne is is supposed to be Birdman's "son". 

A source has come forward claiming that the conversation between Birdman and Jimmy had nothing to do with the shooting. Ummm...Of course they are going to say that! You think Birdman would actually admit to it?! SMH. 

Take a listen to the audio below and see what you think.


Do you think that Birdman is guilty?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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