Drake's Getting Roasted for Being Overly-Friendly with Girls Way Too Young!

It first started when the rumors surfaced that Drake, 31, was dating Jimmy Jamz barely-legal daughter, 18-year old, Bella Harris. Although Bella has denied that she and Drake have anything, people are not buying it...especially since pictures surfaced of the 2 hanging out when Bella was only 16. THEN...an interview from surfaced with 14-year old Stranger Things actress, Millie Bobby Brown. She revealed that Drake messages her that he misses her "so much." 

As innocent as these messages may be to Drake, it is not a good look in the public's eyes, and that's why, when you are a celebrity, you have to be so careful of everything you say and do because it is going to be amplified by a million....especially being Drake!

Check it out below:

Proof below that Drake was hanging out with Bella when she was just 16 years old


Bella claims there is nothing going on with her & Drake. Kinda hard to believe after the below post...just saying!


And then the roasting begins!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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