Dr. Jessica Clemons Talks Mental Health, Working Through Anxiety + More


Dr. Jessica Clemons stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss mental health, working through anxiety, the effects of being on/off medication + more!

Speaking on depression Dr Jessica had to say this: "In terms of depression there is a clinical form that we look at when we are diagnosing, so a person does have to feel depressed for two weeks, but it's usually a number of other symptoms that they are feeling". Charlamagne then spoke on how sometimes he feels like he cannot get to the root of his problems sometimes, asking the DR if there is always a root to depression. 

With being clinically diagnosed with a disease or disorder normally comes with the addition of being on some type of medication, asking the doctor DJ Envy, want's to know the effects of not being on medication. Responding the Doctor spoke about how she has patients over the age of 40, that have issues holding down jobs, but when given a certain stimulant they are able to focus and function normally. Adding on that medication is not something that should be looked at as a last resort. 

Check out Dr. Jessica Clemons full Interview with The Breakfast Club above... 

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

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