Lil Rel Howery Talks ‘Birdbox’ Success, Katt Williams, Stand-Up + More

Lil Rel stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning and immediately has a PSA for everyone to stop doing the #BirdBoxChallenge. This comes off the heels of a teenager who blindfolded herself and crashed her car in an attempt to do the challenge. Starring in the movie he spoke about the first time he got to see it before it blew up on social media saying: "you know whats crazy, even though I did the movie and read the script and read the book, I was still on the edge of my seat like this is going to be good, I felt the same way after I saw "Get Out" for the first time". 

He also is keeping himself busy with his sitcom "REL" which airs on Fox. Speaking about the first season of the show he explained that it is loosely based off real events in his life and his hoping to get a season 2. 

During the Interview he also spoke on the ongoing controversy surrounding R. Kelly, Kat Williams going in on him a few months ago + more! 

Check out the full Interview with Lil Rel above! 

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