Young Thug's Jury Selection Delayed After Multiple Jurors Have Been Excused

Young Thug

Photo: Getty Images

Young Thug's jury selection hasn't been going well lately.

According to reports Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalists Shaddi Abusaid and Jozsef Papp posted on Thursday, January 26, at least 300 additional jurors have been summoned to help replace the numerous people who have been excused from duty due to hardships. Throughout the hearings this past week, Papp explained the cases for a few of the jurors, who were all excused on understandable terms. One juror was excused after having surgery recently and other was relieved due to a previously planned trip overseas. All jurors have to present proper documentation in order to be dismissed from serving during the rapper's RICO trial.

Unfortunately, the lack of jurors caused court to summon hundreds more people to take their place. Young Thug's trial is reportedly expected to last for up to a year. Since jury selection began, the court has been having trouble locking down jurors after some people said they couldn't afford to leave their jobs to serve during the lengthy trial. The new jurors have been asked to report to court on February 24.

The difficult process of finding the perfect juror is just one of numerous instances that have impacted Thug's RICO trial. Proceedings got held up last week after the jailed rapper was accused of conducting a drug deal in open court after his co-defendant handed him a Percocet.

Lawyers for Thug say he had no idea Kahlieff Adams was going to hand him drugs. Adams was also busted with other paraphernalia after a deputy confiscated the pill. Afterward, Adams was immediately rushed to the hospital after he reportedly ingested some of the contraband he had on him.

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