Playboi Carti Claims High Prices On Merch Site Were Due To Hack

Photo: Getty Images

Playboi Carti's merchandise website has been hacked, according to a screenshot of a text message the rapper shared on his Twitter account. The claims of a hack come after the website featured high prices for his new merch line, Narcissist, including a $5,000 helmet and a $110 hoodie.

"The website is hacked the [reference] folder was posted live" Carti shared on Twitter. "Never approved any clothing/ etc."

The high prices were first realized when the merchandise listed could be found on foreign retail sites such as Wish for much cheaper. Items such as the $5,000 motorcycle helmet were found for $29. The merchandise has since been pulled down from Carti's website, leaving a black page where the listings once were.

Carti followed up his claims that the site had been hacked with another text message screenshot reading, "Forget about sample clearances. Drop Narcissist." Further information about when the official merchandise, with their real prices, will be released on the website has yet to be announced. Carti has not yet addressed whether those who purchased items from the hacked site will receive refunds.

The "Magnolia" rapper has been teasing out Narcissist on social media over the past month. Exact specifics of what it was supposed to be had been kept cryptic throughout Carti's rollout, his posts on social media not quite revealing what exactly Narcissist was until three Instagram posts shown modeling new merchandise were posted in late August. The caption had stated that the clothing would be made available on Monday (September 13), however, Carti's new update shows that fans will need to continue to wait for just a little longer.

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