ASAP Rocky's Mom Believes Sweden Is Targeting Her Son

A$AP Rocky's mom just wants her boy to be able to come home.

Renee Black spoke about her 30-year-old son's "unjust" incarceration in a recent interview with TMZ, first giving an update on his condition. "He sounds okay, he sounds alright, under the circumstances, but he wants to come home," she said of their only conversation "five days ago."

Renee also discussed President Donald Trump's involvement with A$AP's case after being asked what she thinks people can do to help free A$AP. "I don't know," she admitted. "We're thinking that if the President himself got involved and contacted who he did... If that didn't help, what will help? It's like Sweden is saying, 'We don't care who you call, we're going to do what we do.' "

She added, "I feel like Sweden is making an example out of our boys and it's so unjust." And while a large portion of the public, including G-Eazy who spoke out about the "white privilege" he benefited from when he was arrested in Sweden and the "systemic racism" that he feels caused A$AP's detainment, have alleged that A$AP is enduring this treatment because he is a successful black man, his mom said she was at first reluctant to pull "the race card."

"But that's what it's looking like," she shared. "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck."

As fans know, Rocky was taken into police custody three weeks ago for his involvement in a street fight, which ensued after a random guy threw his headphones at Rocky's bodyguard, cutting the bodyguard's head. However, Swedish prosecutors announced this week that the man who attacked Rocky's crew will not be prosecuted for any crime, despite video evidence showing Rocky and his crew were not the aggressors of the fight that has kept them in a Swedish jail for the past few weeks.

According to TMZ, prosecutors "believe the guy who harassed Rocky attacked his bodyguard in self-defense, after being pushed and lifted by his neck," and while "the initial video does not show anyone getting physical with the guy," prosecutors have drawn that conclusion.

ASAP has remained locked up since he voluntarily went in for questioning a day after the attack. And on Friday (July 19), a judge sided with prosecutors and ordered that Rocky stay in jail for another week while prosecutors continue their investigation. A judge is set to make a final decision about charging the rapper on Thursday (July 25).

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