Cardi B Tweets Alarming Message, Sparks Concern About Her Well-Being

Stay strong, Cardi B.

On Sunday (July 21), the 26-year-old rapper alarmed fans after she reportedly tweeted, then quickly deleted, "Wish I was dead." Despite deleting the message, fans screenshot the post and have since been tweeting her messages of support with the hashtag #WeLoveYouCardi. (You can see the screenshot here)

Cardi's message especially shocked fans because one day prior, she tweeted, "I'm so blessed." Since deleting the alarming tweet, Cardi has remained silent on Twitter. However, she did post a photo of her and her husband Offset to Instagram Sunday. "Thank you," she captioned a photo of the two kissing while holding their one-year-old daughter Kulture.

The "Press" rapper's alarming Twitter post came two days after she took to Instagram Live to deny rape allegations, after previously admitting to drugging and robbing men when she was a stripper. "I don't like when people be trying to call me a rapist," she said. "I don't like that sh*t. Because people tried to dig up something and make it something that I didn't do."

"I never touched nobody, I never f**ked nobody," she insisted. "And rape is when you f**k somebody without their consent or without asking." She then went back on her earlier statement, saying she never drugged anyone. "B*tches don't have to put s**t in n***as' drinks, these n***as be going to [the] club getting drunk and getting high," Cardi shared. "I never put s**t in n***as' drinks. Yeah, I went through n***as' pockets. A lot of you b*tches be going through n***as' pockets for $40 to catch a cab 'cause a n***a don't want to give you that. Same sh*t. Was I wrong for that? That was wrong, but I never f**kin' hurt nobody."

She concluded her video saying, "If I was to ever harm or put a n***a in a situation, f**k jail, n***as would have cut my face [and] beat my a**."

Photo: Getty Images

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